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Friday, 24 May 2013

How much to order while shopping for wedding cards online?

Some people often scratch their heads when it comes to making the final order since they are not exactly sure about the number of invitations which would be safe. While ordering wedding cards online, you must make sure that you are intimating the designer about your exact requirements so that he can be ready with the required numbers in due course of time. If you ask him to increase the number in the last moment, then he may not be able to deliver them in time or he may press you with higher charges for such emergency arrangements.
wedding cards online

In any case, it is always advisable to keep some extra cards at hand. So, if your estimated number of guests is, say, 200, then it is always best to make order for around 230 cards. That would be a safe number since you can account for additional guests if the need arises. Besides, it is likely that a few cards may get lost or misplaced or torn in the mayhem which ensues during Indian marriages.

One more advantage which you get by making larger orders for wedding cards online is that you get higher discounts. The usual norm is that one can avail better discounts if the quantity is larger. However, discount must not be the basic reason for placing a bigger order. You should always sit down and prepare a list of the invitees and then add around 15% over it so that you can send out invites to people whom you have forgotten to include in your original list. 


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