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Thursday, 15 May 2014

The most unique of all, the Indian form of wedding

If compared, the Indian form of marriage is quite different from the marriages that take place in other countries in various aspects and that makes the Indian form of marriage to be one of the most interesting ceremonies of the world. The ceremony of wedding in India starts from the day, when the invitation cards are send out to the guests, who are treated to be of tremendous respect according to the Indian culture. 

The cards that are published for inviting the guests are rich in color and designs, as the ceremony itself is rich in colors and several people attend the occasion with a vast variety of fashionable cloths and enormous amount of energy is attached with the ceremony. Every one comes to enjoy the ceremony to the fullest and keeping this in minds, the families of the groom and the bride select the appropriate looks of the cards according to the mood of the ceremony and distributes among the guests.

The Indian wedding invitation is full of joy and refreshment and involves a lot of patience, as cards are to be distributed among a tremendous number of guests and have to be very catchy in terms of cards, as some even take the matter as of showing their prestige. The Indian wedding invitation cards contain various mantras, derived from different Vedas and mostly Hindi or the regional language is used to type on the cards. The cards contain the name of the bride and the groom and also do posses the details regarding the time and the venue, where the ceremony would be taking place. There are numerous stores and websites, where one can easily get hold of the desired pattern and color.


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