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Monday, 7 April 2014

Do you have a Look at our beautiful Muslim wedding cards?

India is rich in culture and heritage and so are its people. It is a land of diverse cultures and traditions, though being a Hindu nation it has given equal rights and importance to Muslims. In fact next to the Hindu majority Muslims are second in population count. Muslims are also very traditional and culturally active. Compare to Hindu wedding, Muslim weddings are mellowed and softer in rituals and customs. Muslim culture is very quiet and humble, the religion doesn’t allow wastage of money in lavish ceremonies, and the bride party is not burdened with any formality. Muslim marriage is accomplished only in a silent tradition of Nikah (exchanging vows according to the Islamic law or Shariah). But now-a-days due to the amalgamation of different cultures and traditions even Muslims have adapted Hindu cultures in their marriages. The Muslims also hosts Sangeet, Haldi, Mehndi and a grand Marriage ceremony hosted by the Bride’s side, which is compensated with a more grand reception by the Groom’s family.

Just like their weddings the Muslim wedding invitation cards are also very catchy and beautiful. The cards are of different styles and patterns but one thing is common in all Muslim wedding invitation cards is the name of Allah, the most beneficiary and merciful and Bismillah (it is a sacred testimony which Muslims reads before start of any work). The Muslim wedding cards are made beautiful by carving of Urdu calligraphy, this enhances the look of the card making is very authentic and beautiful.


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